Nová Ves nad Žitavou

3MW of green energy per hour

Biogas station Horovce

Company headquaters directly by the biogas plant.

Biogas station Bierovce

Maximum use of the energy potential of the waste.

Dosage of raw materials

Customized solutions, self-realization, professional service.


The shortes way to the green energy.

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The company BIOTEC Ltd. is based on over 15 years of practical experiences on the German market in the anaerobic fermentation of biomass, biowaste and biogas. Its expertise bringing to market a new generation of technology with  a maximum efficiency and a high level of reliability substantially shorter payback time.

During its existence the company has become one of the leading operators and service providers within the biological and technological services in Slovakia. Currently, as a part of its activities is involved in the running of 33 biogas stations.

In 2012 a subsidiary was established branch BIOTEC Electricity DOO in Serbia. Due to growing energy demand and a decreasing proportion of fossil fuels, our company decided to look for solutions for the future, especially the potential of renewable energy in this emerging country.

We provide for our customers:

  • preparation of ceomplete project documentation, 
  • zoning,
  • building permission, 
  • implementation of the project (construction and technological part), 
  • complete customer service, 
  • consultancy, 
  • permanent technical, technological and biological surveillance, 
  • staff training
  • financial assistance in construction

We deliver a fully functional, efficient facility operating at full capacity at the end of the project.

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