Increasing the share of renewable energy sources has a positive impact on energy security of Slovakia. Biomass has highest technological use potential from all renewable energy sources in Slovakia. It is necessary to started. In cooperation with our subsidiaries AGRAFA Ltd. and Ekotech Horovce Ltd. we strive for:

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Vision: Winning business in agriculture without depending on subsidies. Mission: The implementation of projects to produce energy from renewable sources and ensuring sustainable land management system.


  • Production of feedstock for biogas plants in the required quantity and adequate quality.
  • The implementation of projects "Corn turnkey" in the form of mechanization services::  
    • Comprehensive services ensuring efficiency and profitability of production, 
    • Servicing of farming technology: 
      • Ensuring operation and maximum machine performance, 
      • Manufacture and innovation of machinery components and spare parts.

EKOTech Horovce Ltd.

  • Creation of profitable crop systems:
    • Complex delivery technology suitable for the production of silage intended for Biogas station (BGS),
    • Coordination and implementation of technology and assessment results in partner businesses,
    • A comprehensive system of care for the land:
      • Operations and utilization of machines suitable for soil protection technology,
      • Improving of the biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil by means of special products,
      • Own laboratory for soil analysis and evaluating the effectiveness of technology,
      • Optimization of the nutrition and fertilization of plants with the use of digestate from BGS,
      • Cooperation with scientific and research centers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.,
      • Cooperation with representatives from producers of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural equipment:
        • Testing and validation of new products through field trials,
        • Evaluation of the results and profitability of technology in manufacturing,
        • Customer service.