What is biogas plant?

Biogas plants become established over the time between renewable energy sources as the world and in Slovakia and have a firm place in the modern green energy sector. Its technology is CO2 neutral, meaning that in the functioning created about the same amount of the carbon dioxide than is consumed by photosynthesis during the growth of biomass, which its used for operation, so do not contribute to formation of the greenhouse effect and ensure stable power supply without a negative effect to the enviroment. The basis of the operation of biogas plants ist the conversion of biomass and biowaste with the help of microorganisms through anaerobic fermentation to biogas, which is burned in cogeneration unit to produce electricity and heat. The anaerobic fermentation process can be compared to the classic digestion as in swamps, but in the biogas plants is controlled through technollogy, effective and takes place in a hermetically closed space without oxygen.