Fermenters used by us are monolithic reinforced concrete circular tanks hermetically closed by the concrete ceiling. The outer ring are thermally durable insulation, which is coated on the ceiling by the water resistant membrane, and the outer walls are covered by the façade plaster. Fermenters are equipped with gutters and protected with active lightning conductor. There are located located service ports, relief valves on the fermenters ceiling and safety railings installed around the perimeter.

Three-layer paint coat of acrylic is applied from inside the fermenter that extends their service life and durability. Heating from quality stainless steel and mixing technology are located on the inner circumference.


  • Long lifetimeResistance to water, low pH, chemical attack and UV
  • Resistance to water, low pH, chemical attack and UV
  • Hermetic concrete closing to prevent the diffusion of biogas
  • Possibility of service vacuum stirrers through service openings without impairing the biological process and production stability