Prefermenter is a tank that is completely embedded in the ground. It is used for the advance preparation of materials to fermentation, that are not always available on the market such as e.g. whey, distillers solubles, etc. in dry matter max. 10%. The materials are predigested biologically, quenched and dosed directly into the primary fermenter, where of bacteria spend a minimal effort to decompose the materials. Deployment of such equipment into the biogas plant will increase the biogas yield by 5%.

Another considerable advantage of prefermenter is a fact that in case of failure of the main dosing device, the fermenters can be "feeded" through it. Opening of the top cover it will become an open tank that can be used for the loading of silage. In the tank is mixed a material with content of fermenter to the consistency of mash, which is metered by a pump into the individual fermenters until the faults of dosing devices are not removed. The dosage of the substrate takes place automatically and the performance of biogas station does not decrease..


  • Advanced reparation of various materials
  • The increase in gas yield by 5%
  • In case of failure of the dosing device it is backup option of the fermenters dosing.