The system was developed in collaboration with our company and contains two parts:

  1. Biogas is sucked from one of the primary fermenter into a special device that works on mechanical and biological principles. Here is converted a part of the CO2 into biogas CH4 and further proceeds into a secondary fermenter.
  2. Biogas is sucked from the 2nd primary and secondary fermenters to the special device, where 1/3 of the CO2 is converted to CH4 (gas with the initial 50% of methane is increased to 65-72%) and biogas continues to biogas storage.

This system is great benefit for biogas station. This can increase performance cogeneration unit at biogas station (1MW) up to 150 kW/h while keeping the same daily dose or reduce the amount of dosage by 15-20%.The only disadvantage is the power consumption of the device, which is only 25 kW/h..

The advantages:

  • Increase the methane content in biogas
  • Increase power output of the cogeneration unit by 150 kW/h or
  • The reduction of dose by 15-20%
  • Shorter total investment return