The mixing device is a heart of each fermentation tank, which must work effectively and reliably. The mixing effect has direct impact on generation of gas, its releasing from fermented materials and on elimination of formation of the floating layer on the fermentation tank level.

High-speed screw mixers used by us work with a high mixing capacity over 6,000 m3 per hour very reliably. One of their great advantages is their flexibility in adjustment of vertical and horizontal position, which will be later appreciated by each operator of the biogas station. Their servicing is very simple and quick. Another advantage is based on the fact that we will not affect during servicing the generation of biogas, fermentation process and the power out of the cogeneration unit will not drop. We are able vacuum close individual mixers, and in this way to prevent penetration of oxygen into the fermentation tank..


  • Quality product from stainless steel
  • Large mixing effect
  • Short mixing intervals and longer breaks between the mixing cycle
  • The possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Avoid the formation of deposits and dry floating layers
  • Possibility of vacuum service while maintaining stable performance

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