Effective conversion of produced biogas to electrical energy is one of the most important factors in economy and return on investment. Even seemingly minor differences in effectiveness of the cogeneration unit extend return on investment and affect final profit. Therefore we use the cogeneration unit from the firm with 50-year history in research, development and manufacture of gas engines. The type uniform cogeneration units used by us guarantee problem free supply with spare parts. Our service team will provide you remote counselling, as well as servicing action in a short period of time. The effectiveness of their devices in electricity production is at 41%.

Our company supplies tailored cogeneration units for biogas stations specially according to customer requirements, "fully equipped" with above standard accessories in the basic price::

  • Gas heat exchanger of flue with bypass, which allows heat to change from 400 kW to 1100 kW or vice versa, based on the intention of handling waste heat
  • two external tanks with a volume of 1 500 liters for old and new oil
  • oil pan enlarged by 300 liters, which extends service intervals from 1 800 engine operating hours to 2 200 - 2 500 engine operating hours


  • high efficiency in the conversion of biogas into electricity (41%)
  • full equipment - additional equipment in the basic price
  • Long lifetime (7.5 years)
  • easy operationremote monitoring via the internet
  • automatic exchange and refilling oil
  • extended service intervals
  • trouble free supply with spare parts

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