Nová Ves nad Žitavou

3MW of green energy per hour

Biogas station Horovce

Company headquaters directly by the biogas plant.

Biogas station Bierovce

Maximum use of the energy potential of the waste.

Dosage of raw materials

Customized solutions, self-realization, professional service.


The shortes way to the green energy.

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Basis of the maximum and economical operation of the biogas plant are regularly serviced technological units, not only cogeneration unit, but as well dosing equipment, mixers, pumps and transformer station. Well done technological service and prevention can often prevent serious failures requiring longer term production stoppage, which is always a problem.
During the construction and operation of biogas plants, which our company realized, in the BIOTEC was created team of experienced professionals from various disciplines which have sufficient technical equipment and are able to fulfil tasks on individual biogas plants of our customers across the country.

As a part of our technological service we offer:
• service of the cogeneration units
• service of dosing equipment,
• service of pumps,
• service of electrical installations
• service of mixers
• service of transformers stations
• etc.

Our technology department currently provides a complete service for:
• Biogas plants Bierovce
• Biogas plant Bošany
• Biogas plant Cetín
• Biogas plant Hon
• Biogas plants Horovce
• Biogas plant Ladzany
• Biogas plants Nová Ves nad Žitavou

Actual realised contracts:
• supply and replacement more powerful mixers for Biogas plant Revúca

• complete reconditioning of dosing equipment for Biogas plant Horovce 1 and Cetín

• reconditioning of used mixers in Biogas station Horovce 1

• new dispensing point for Biogas plants Nová Ves nad žitavou

• design, construction, mounting of new flexible mixer of lagoon in biogas plant Veľké Bierovce

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